An analysis of managing diversity in the workplace

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Ely and Roberts reframe diversity research from a paradigm that emphasises difference to one that emphasises relationships.

Trust, mutual respect and dignity are fundamental beliefs which are reflected in the behaviour and actions of the employees of Hp.

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What is Diversity in the Workplace? Encourage employees to work in diverse groups Diverse work teams let employees get to know and value one another on an individual basis and can help break down preconceived notions and cultural misunderstandings. Immigration, worker migration, and gender and ethnic differences continue to dramatically change the composition of the workforce which further complicated the diversity issue Barak, Group and Organizational Management, 28, pp.

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Having a diverse workforce with multi-lingual employees and employees from varying ethnic backgrounds can also be helpful for organizations who want to expand or improve operations in international, national, regional and local markets. Ely and Roberts define cultural diversity as differences among team members in race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, or other dimensions of social identity that are marked by a history of inter group prejudice, discrimination or oppression.

Hp developed a culture for engineers at a time when life-cycles of products were longer.

An analysis of managing diversity in the workplace

Thomas describes a work force as a bridge between organisations and the market place. Their greatest challenge is promoting diversity which is restricted by discriminatory attitudes and behaviour, lack of financial resources, time constraints and lack of top management commitment. Managing diversity through human resource management: an international perspective and conceptual framework. Equal Employment Opportunity also asserts that the talents and skills of individuals are equally distributed between people, no matter which group they belong to. As illustrated, the definition of diversity expands to encompass all differences, especially due to the rapid internationalisation and globalisation which has enhanced the workforce diversity empowerment. Federica Frustaci Executive Summary As the international working population is becoming increasingly varied, the need to manage diversity within the workforce is occurring more and more frequently, attracting the attention of organisations. Staw and L. Seven corporate objectives are profit, customers, fields of interest, growth, people, management, and citizenship. Cultural diversity's impact on interaction process and performance: comparing homogenous and diverse work groups. In this view, ignoring differences in daily interactions helps avoid conflict. Kossek, E,E. Ely and Roberts reframe diversity research from a paradigm that emphasises difference to one that emphasises relationships. Cox, Jr. Tips for hiring a diverse workforce: Incorporate a diverse interview panel to ensure candidates are chosen solely based on suitability for the position.

When Packard and Hewlett passed away in andrespectively, obituary writers noted their enduring legacy was not the multi-billion dollar tech giant -- it was the Hp Way Dong, CIPD toolkit.

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Managing Diversity at the Workplace