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Although it is still in use around the world, it is declining in popularity. She was The program was known as the A compiler and its first version was A She was the eldest of three children.

She would remain with the Navy for 19 years. Still aware of the constant problems caused by programming errors, Hopper developed an innovative program that would translate the programmer's language into machine language.

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Without cooperative effort, the possibility of a standard language to be used throughout the business world was slim. At that time, however, IBM and Honeywell were developing their own competing programs.

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Hopper was initially offered the job position by Rita Yavinsky, but she insisted on applying for the position at DEC, and going through the typical formal interview process. Y, ; honorary doctor of business administration, Providence College, Providence, R. The project was initiated in by John von Neumann who also worked on the Manhattan Project. She became captain on the retired list of the Naval Reserve in and commodore in She had honorary degrees from more than 40 colleges and universities. For example in more modern languages succinct syntax is the norm e. Intending to enter Vassar College in she failed a Latin examination and was required to wait another year. She had reached the rank of Rear Admiral, being promoted to the rank of Commodore in a White House ceremony in December , then becoming Rear Admiral Hopper in The exacting code of machine language could be easily misread or incorrectly written. Indeed it may seem obvious to us today that this would be the route forward for computers but it was an extremely far sighted idea from Hopper. A letter in Vol. The answer, it turns out, is actually satisfyingly simple.
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