Essay conservation indian heritage

The important aspect of this community is that the villagers decide for themselves, yet they are open to information from the outside world. From the Bengal Tiger to the Yak in Himalayas — the richness of biodiversity in animals in India remains unmatched.

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Essay conservation indian heritage

Today, Indian attire is highly influenced by the Western culture. Natural calamities as well as human negligence are contributing to the deterioration of these beautiful heritage sites. Since then, there has been no looking back. Each location has its own specialty, and your exact placement will depend on which center has the most urgent need for volunteers at the time of your application — though all of them have a similar goal to promote conservation and to rescue indigenous wildlife from illegal poaching or trafficking. The threats against this indigenous primate are many: Volunteer with Australian Forest Wildlife Volunteer with a forest wildlife programone of the largest privately-owned centers of its kind in Australia, helping to feed orphaned kangaroos, making emergency rescues, and providing medical treatment for injured animals. The students are trying to create awareness amongst the local masses by providing them with attractive posters and pamphlets which raise a common issue, the need to conserve our heritage. Click here to learn more and register! There is need for synergy between locals and scientists. Read more and sign up here!

Singh, L. The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, adopted by the 32nd session of the General Conference of UNESCO in Septembercalls for safeguarding knowledge and skills that are recognised by communities, groups, and in some cases individuals, as forming part of their cultural heritage; are transmitted from generation to generation and constantly recreated; are crucial for the sense of identity and continuity of communities and groups; are in conformity with human rights, and, mutual respect and sustainable development.

Help to support endangered species with a hands-on experience that contributes to the protection of lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, buffalos, and hyenas living in the beautiful Marataba section of the Marakele National Park, renowned for its natural beauty.

Essay conservation indian heritage Scholarships are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated an interest and commitment to animal welfare.

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The utilisation of leaves of Centella Asiatica, and roots of Ichnocarpus Frutescens in the treatment of jaundice, diabetes were found to be noteworthy. The Madhubani painting, Mughal painting, Tanjore painting, Mysore painting and Pahari Painting are some of the beautiful forms of paintings originated in India. Encroachment would not be allowed. It will take the form of unproven stories of different versions. This would help in invoking a feeling of pride in them and they would be inspired to continue the tradition and also pass it on to the new generation. The whole purpose of doing all this is to make people aware about the importance of heritage in our country and make them realize the fact that conservation is done best at the local level. They are the reminiscence of our glorious past and rich culture. Finally, it is good to know that our efforts at preservation of natural resources have been recognised the world over with the latest survey by National Geographic magazine calling Indians as the most environment-friendly people. Natural calamities as well as human negligence are contributing to the deterioration of these beautiful heritage sites. Jeetendro et al. Since then, there has been no looking back.

These are a reflection of our historical and cultural past and we should not lose them. We are also lucky to have a splendid natural heritage that encompasses rich biodiversity and spectacular geological structures.

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With time both our tangible and intangible heritages are fading away.

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Cultural heritage & its importance