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And those social qualities are very important, fully as important as a person's technical skills! His tireless efforts resulted in a 25 percent reduction in command DUIs. He mentored all sailors within the department and set the highest standards for customer service and championed the crew's needs in all respects. Led the Command through 2 Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Surveys, including the scheduling, briefing, and interviewing of personnel and spearheaded the Executive Summary for 3rd Fleet approval. A self-starter, he completes many tasks before others realize that they need to be done. Assisted in the investigation of 2 aircraft mishaps, helping ensure the safety of the fleet and the prevention of similar issues. This is often accomplished by listing the notable achievements of the person being rated. As assistant EAWS coordinator, he conducted hands-on training and tracked the progress of all junior Sailors within the Maintenance Department resulting in the qualification of ten Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialists. Petty Officer Jones understands BPT-5's mission and intuitively knows what the critical objectives are to ensure it is a success. The Comments on Performance block has three main areas: the Introduction, the Accomplishments section, and the Summary.

As Student Control Petty Officer he managed the scheduling and completion of training hours. Strongly recommended for advancement and retention in the US Naval service.

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But this short tutorial is only focused on filling in the Comments on Performance block. Expertly managed the daily schedule of 41 personnel in the completion of over 5, aviation physicals and medical examinations contributing to a healthy deployable force.

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Engaged in all facets of CPO! Flawlessly prepared and executed the administration required for an operation vital to national security and a 6-month Western Pacific Deployment. Write down everything that might qualify as a bullet. Through his hardwork, perseverance, and diligent insight he has increased my ship's annual retention rate making it the best in the fleet.

Examples can be contributed using this form.

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As the Safe Ride Coordinator, he maintained, promoted, and tracked over 2, Sailor safe ride cards, ensuring they were always equipped with a safe means of transportation. Inspirational Leader. His efforts directly impacted mission readiness and resulted in being handpicked to become the Airframes Quality Assurance Representative. The Introduction The purpose and goal of the Navy Eval is to accurately and fully describe performance. These efforts will directly shape future upgrades, improving functionality and integration of all Sensor Systems. Capable and dedicated, he demonstrated extraordinary discipline. Consistently performs in an exemplary and highly professional manner resulting in his selection as JSOQ. Steadfast and dependable. Highly recommended for advancement. He mentored all sailors within the department and set the highest standards for customer service and championed the crew's needs in all respects.

The Summary Just as the introduction was a masterpiece of concise expression, the summary must sum up the impression the writer is trying to convey about the subject of the Eval. Sets the standard in physical readiness as the Command CFL. An outstanding Petty Officer with unlimited potential. Procured 5 new sonobouy training devices for the FRS.

The requirement to follow this format and address the topics required by each section derives from evolving Navy tradition and methodology rather than published guidance.

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