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why marijuanas should be legal argumentative essay

It seems like the state governments has took the incentive of some what legalizing it, but the national government can still punish those people in the states that have possession of cannabis Aside from what the government would like you to think, there are actually positive effects that come from the use of marijuana The Senate approved votes for the bill to be legalized Proponents of weed argue that marijuana has been around for ages and that it is no worse than alcohol, while opponents state that although it was used by ancient cultures, marijuana presents a completely unfamiliar set of medical and social issues This all comes from the lack of supervision in handling of drugs with their distribution, and use.

The federal government should decide all drug laws nationwide and give less say to the individual states. The most common arguments for reforming current legislation are the following: enforcement wastes public resources, taxation can provide a new source of revenue, and enforcement of current laws is discriminatory Dionne and Galston.

For being persuasive essay read this: legalization of marijuana: pros cons of marijuana. Medical marijuana should be legalized in North Carolina, but should be regulated, because it has helped people with diseases such as Glaucoma, cancer and any physical or emotional pain.

why marijuanas should be legal thesis

People want to use it medically and others want to use it recreationally. In response to the recession we must as a country change the way we do some things to enhance the money flow.

You just go to a doctor and get it and overdose on it - what's the difference.

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Legalization of marijuana essay outline