Patchwriting and plagiarism charges

Or, is it something else? Summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting directly from sources are now integrated into writing that also requires students to express their own ideas. Indeed, most plagiarism — the accidental or unintentional cases — happens exactly when one would expect it to.

Pemberton, ed.

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Because the students are only drawing on one text, attribution and citation are generally reserved for direct quotes. It could be: a writer could deliberately patchwrite rather than go to the trouble of paraphrasing successfully.

Mosaic plagiarism

Professor Howard elaborates further in an article from Because patchwriting can result from a student's inexperience with conventions of academic writing, instruction in quotation and source attribution and a request for subsequent revision of the paper may be an appropriate response for the instructor. You summarize by reading a source and then recalling the information in your own words for someone who has never read it or does not have the time to do so. I haven't been able to find the original article, but the ERIC summary reads: Provides analysis of the term "plagiarism" and distinguishes it from other ways students might employ sources. Some indications of the culture include indie music, a lack of organized religion, and other alternative ideas. And that, understandably, adds up to a far more complicated and potentially confusing process. Patchwriting can also be the result of a student's intent to deceive, in which case the minimum penalty is an "F" in the course and the maximum penalty, suspension from the university. Their updated definition of patchwriting: restating a phrase, clause, or one or more sentences while staying close to the language or syntax of the source Of course, in order for a term to be entered in a dictionary, it must show widespread and increasing use with a consistent meaning; we then derive the definition from a careful assessment of many citations. This could be a rewritten press release, or a re-written story about a player trade in the sporting world.

Thus, borrowing words or ideas from another individual without crediting them is considered stealing, not a compliment or a sign of respect.

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But research is another thing altogether.

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