Project planning execution and closure

T goals — It is a popular goal-setting process that helps you set goals which are ambitious yet doable. Project purpose, vision, and mission Measurable objectives and success criteria High level project description, requirements, and risks Summary milestone schedule and budget Name and authority of the project sponsor An important part of starting your project off right is performing a stakeholder analysis.

The customer can be an internal customer or an external customer. This is where the action takes place. The standard, linear life cycle model is not adequate for the complexity of projects in professional services.

The purpose of this phase is to define the project in a larger sense. Why does a Professional Services Organization require a new life cycle for project management? A good way to visualize this is to think of your project as a family vacation.

project life cycle diagram

Many project managers set S. So according to the requirement of the Project well experienced person who has a complete knowledge about the handling of the project is appointed as a Project Manager. As teams execute their project plan, they must constantly monitor their own progress. Different project managers use different techniques to measure performance.

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What are the 5 Phases of Project Management Lifecycle