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Awan and Saeed state conflict among workers in an organization….

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Conflicts usually arise either due to lack of effective communication, different ideologies, lack of resources or due to task interdependence [3]. There is no real conflict between individuals. The next steps developed in this case should be acceptable to both parties. Conflict arising between individual colleagues is referred to as interpersonal conflict, whereas that arising between within a team, group, or department is referred to as intra-group conflict Cupach et al, It seriously offends the speaker and might result in a fight. Conflict is a perception. Conflicts frequently come about because of view of mismatched interests between employees. The costs of conflict are well-documented - high turnover, grievances and lawsuits, absenteeism, divorce, dysfunctional families, prejudice, fear. The case study analysis will show where fault and area for improvement. Society of Human Resource Management. There are many elements that one must master in order to become effective at conflict resolution. Through strategies and processes to manage conflict, members of management can uncover the best possible resolution of a conflict situation to preserve relationships and improve communication and trust

Business and Entrepreneurship Journal, 1 1 Utleg, F. Positive emotional energy spreads throughout the organization when conflicts are handled effectively, and consequently, overall productivity improves.

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Asian Educational Research Association, 3 1 They are the specific strategies that are executed in order for the final solution to be implemented. This will go a long way towards not only preventing conflict among employees, but also helping them collaborate to resolve it amicably before it escalates to unprecedented levels.

Make your point very clear but do not shout on others as he might feel bad and it might go against you.

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My personal opinion is that this is a retrogressive way of managing conflict at the workplace because it ignores the fact that conflict exists, and does not eliminate the source of the conflict in the end. Unresolved conflicts can negatively impact not only the employees involved but also the company. This type of management strategy requires the individual to be both partly …show more content… But one must keep in mind that things that are more important to you shouldn't be compromised and the importance of a particular conflict should be considered to oneself when using any conflict management strategy. I also believe that a conflict between two people should be dealt with in private, and not become group involvement. When a problem between two people occurs it should be confronted immediately. European Journal of Business and Management, 6 36 , According to Suppiah and Rose , conflict in the workplace is a result of contact between colleagues, departments, work groups, as well as between managers and their subordinates. Identify the available conflict management strategies and their strengths and weaknesses. Those who accommodate others at times do it at the expense of their own feelings. Society of Human Resource Management. Navigating this relationship is often problematic as the shareholders provide oversight while management makes daily executive decisions on their behalf.
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