Theories in nationalism

If both sides take precautions, however, each will tend to see the other as increasingly inimical.

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Further lines of thought built upon these considerations can be used to defend very different varieties of nationalism, from radical to very moderate ones. Thus, the following sections will attempt to uncover the reasons behind these differences.

interpreting contemporary nationalism

Thus, a single definition of nationalism is unlikely to be developed Hall, The ethno-national community is essential for each of its members to flourish.

But here is a sample from Margalit, whose last sentence has been already quoted above: The idea is that people make use of different styles to express their humanity.

Goodinwho distinguishes two motivations for multiculturalism and two possible resultant kinds: polyglot multiculturalism and protective multiculturalism. Four Theories of Nationalism According to Llobera four main theories dominate the notion of nationalism.

primordial theory of nationalism
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Nationalism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)