Theories of translation an anthology of essays

None, not even Dryden and Nabokov, who seem the most prescriptive, proposes rules that must be followed by every translator W in t e r Book R eviews with every Translated by Sharon Sloan Summary of the main points.

The profound question that psychoanalysis poses to science involves the subjectivity of the scientist. On the contrary, translation, especially poetic translation, is one of the most necessary tasks of any literature, partly because it directs those who do not know another language to forms of art and human experience that would otherwise have remained totally unknown, but above all because it increases the expressivity and depth of meaning on one's own language.

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All authors take literary translation seriously, seeing it as a complex operation fraught with paradoxes and ambiguities.

Jan 28, Ahmad rated it really liked it Humboldt, W. VonHumboldt comments on his own translation of Agamemnon: - In my own work, I have tried to approach the simplicity and fidelity just as described.

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On the contrary, the strategy is to argue that desire as such may be accounted for in material terms, subject to scientific study.

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Theories of translation : an anthology of essays from Dryden to Derrida (Book, ) []