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As you can see, I properly restated the prompt and provided an essay outline for the discussion. When a friend joins you at your trip, there is always a person you can rely on and talk with, around you.

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People need a friend for a good trip. Both of these has different advantages and disadvantages. For another thing, we can take care of each other because we are friends. However, it can be boring after some hours. Firstly, traveling with my best friends is great and gives me many nice memories. Essay topics: Some people like to travel with a companion. You did not accurately understand the original instructions, which is why you made a mistake in your discussion process. On the other hand, if we decide to travel alone, then we will also have to complete those tasks alone.

Other expenses such as hotel rental, food cost, and even some ticket cost are also be lower when purchased by a group of people. Your itinerary can be changed at any time according to your priorities.

Besides, I think it is a bit troublesome to travel with friends because I will always feel safe, especially if I am going to somewhere dangerous.

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Such as, someone gets lost, gets sick, or cannot wake up early for the morning flight. For another thing, we can take care of each other because we are friends. Moreover, sometimes I personally want to be alone and enjoy all beauty around me.

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Consequently, it is quite easy to find, for example backpackers, who are going to join you for a fraction of your journey.

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Travel with Companion Essay Example